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Ashton Organics Cleaning, LLC

Stunning Shine Spray; Equestrian

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When my granddaughter asked me to create a shine spray using all-natural ingredients that were safe for her beloved horse Axel I couldn't wait to get started. 

Order yours today and be the first to try out our amazingly Stunning Horse Show Shine spray that again uses only organic and all-natural ingredients. We believe in keeping your horse shining from the inside out. While you provide the perfect diet, we provide a high-quality, affordable, outer coat spray that truly makes your equine friend shine like a star!

Our Equus-Green Stunning Horse Show Shine Spray:

  • uses the same high-quality essential oils sourced from a local vendor 
  • promotes healthy skin and coat
  • includes anti-microbial essential oils to keep skin healthy and clean
  • coconut oil not only gives your horse a shiny coat, but it activates the oils, and promotes healthy skin!

The most obvious asset of our shine spray is how good it smells! Without knowing the above your barn won’t smell so barn-like with Equus-Green horse products.