About Ashton Organics

Hi! I'm Yvette Ashton. I have always believed in trust, being good to your soul and body. This is why creating Ashton Organics and Equus-Green came so naturally. My journey began after I started my cleaning business in Chicago Illinois. It was important my clients' trusted me and my staff because we keep your home and office clean and safe every single day. As I grew into my business I was approached many times about if I had an organic or all-natural cleaning product I could use over traditional cleaners. With the help my first client I set out to design an eco-friendly line of all-natural cleaning products that used the healing powers of essential oils and worked on all surfaces. Six years later Ashton Organics was born in 3 beautiful scents. Signature Lemongrass, Tangerine Citrus, and Lavender Kiss.

Now I am able to offer my signature products to all of you.

My granddaughter has been a huge part of my life and is a beautiful equestrian rider. She inspired me to create Equus-Green which offers an all-natural way to repel bugs, flies, mosquitoes, and gnats. Ashton Organics and Equus-Green brings the promise of safe products that take you back to nature.