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Flies Bugging your Equine Companion?

Choose an all-natural solution for a safe and peaceful Ride

Whether they are in the show ring or at the barn, the last thing a rider wants to worry about is being pestered by flies and gnats. It can be hard to find an effective product that not only keeps the bugs off your horse, but that you feel good about using, too. Equus Green All-Natural Fly and Bug Spray is safe, effective, and crafted from high quality natural ingredients. While many commercial fly sprays are made with chemical insecticides, we deal with nature the all-natural way. 

Our founder, Yvette Ashton, is proud to make products that people can trust, and is true to her brand at every step of the process. That is why she makes Equus Green in small batches, with a formula that she developed through years of research. While Ashton Organics began its journey with all-natural home cleaning supplies, Yvette’s granddaughter, an avid equestrian, asked if she could make a horse fly spray. After receiving rave reviews from her granddaughter’s barn, she decided to put Equus Green on the market.

Our formula starts with organic aloe, which is gentle on your horse’s skin and softens their coat. Pure vanilla extract is an antioxidant-rich natural insect repellent, and witch hazel is an anti-itch solution that doubles as an anti-inflammatory. These are paired with locally sourced essential oils, including lavender, peppermint, and eucalyptus to keep you and your horse smelling fresh, not like your average bug spray.

It is hard to concentrate on riding when your horse is swinging their head, itching themselves, or stamping their hooves at flies and other pests. A good fly repellent can ensure that you have a more productive lesson, a better time on the trail, and more focus flying over jumps. All equestrians know that staying connected with your horse is essential to a fun, safe ride, and Equus Green can help you focus on that connection, not on irritating bugs. If your horse spooks easily, the fine-mist sprayer effectively distributes the product without spooking your horse. 

Not only is our product a barn staple, it’s also a great solution for your home. Safe and gentle enough for children and household pets, you can feel good about using it in your backyard, on a camping trip, or anywhere else flies, mosquitoes, or gnats could put a damper on your day. 

If you are tired of spraying your horse with a laundry list of pesticides, try our all-natural fly & bug spray to keep pests at bay all summer. At $27.99 per 32 oz. bottle and $15.99 for a 16oz., Equus Green is a solution you can trust.

Article written by; Elizabeth Clay

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