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Ashton Organics Cleaning, LLC

(32 oz.) Equus-Green All-Natural Bug and Fly Spray

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Perfect for horses and humans our Equus-Green All-Natural Fly Spray and bug repellent will keep the outdoors enjoyable. Our Spray uses pure, locally sourced all-natural essential oil blends to keep away those pesky flies, mosquitoes, gnats and fire ants.

Additional simple ingredients include distilled water, coconut oil, & aloe to cool the skin and promote health. Our essential oil blend not only includes bug repellent agents but all-natural antimicrobials, antiseptics, and anti-inflammatories. All of my ingredients have been carefully chosen with each serving a vital purpose in the health and wellbeing of your horse. 

Deal with nature an all-natural way and safe for horses, pets, children, and adults of all ages. Once you try our organic-based spray you won't want to use anything else. 

(32oz. bottle with sprayer included)