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Ashton Organics Cleaning, LLC

Krisp Kringle, Holiday Organic Air Freshener - Limited Edition!

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An organic holiday air freshener even Santa will be excited about. Get in the holiday spirit with Ashton Organics' Krisp Kringle Organic Air Freshener! This limited-edition scent features a refreshing blend of mint, cinnamon, and wild orange essential oils that will fill your home with the warm and inviting aromas of the season.

Like all of Ashton Organics' air fresheners, Krisp Kringle is made with all-natural and organic ingredients, including the highest quality organic essential oils sourced locally in Geneva, IL. This means that you can enjoy a fresh and festive scent without having to worry about harsh chemicals or artificial fragrances.

Krisp Kringle Organic Air Freshener is also safe for people and pets, making it a great choice for families with children or pets. Simply spray a few spritzes into the air and enjoy the festive scent of the holidays!

Benefits of Organic Air Freshener:

  • Made with all-natural and organic ingredients
  • No harsh chemicals or artificial fragrances
  • Safe for people and pets
  • Freshens the air without overpowering it
  • Made in the USA